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Are You EDDM Mailing?
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High Impact Marketing

Need to get your business’ message out to an entire area? Postcards are the solution! Let us mail DML or EDDM postcards for you!


 With the help of our creative team you'll target new customers with an eye catching postcard


Build Awareness Of Your Business Around Your Community & Target Customer Area

Postcard EDDM Marketing
Cost Effective

Not only are Postcards an effective way to get business outreach, it is also a very inexpensive way to do it!


Get high success rates on Customer Engagement


(Detached Marketing Labels)

DMLs (Detached Marketing Labels) are postcards that are mailed at the same time as Values Magazines but are physically separate from each other and truly grab the attention of potential customers.

Drawing in new customers and solidly branding yourself in a specific target location are what DML postcards specialize in. Mailing by ZIP code and/or carrier route helps to pinpoint potential customers for your business.

Woman Checking Mailbox For EDDM Postcards

DMLs put your business’ information at your customers’ fingertips. Because they come separate from our magazine, it allows your customers to place your ad wherever they may view it most ­-- think fridge, table, or desk -- keeping your product or service in the forefront of their minds.

DML Cards Are Limited To 1 Postcard Per Address Per Mailing, Due To Postal Regulations


The Freedom To Choose When & Where You Deliver Your Marketing Message


The Freedom To Choose When & Where You Deliver Your Marketing Message

EDDM postcards are mailed on your timeline for your business needs!

Direct Mail Marketing

Learn how Values Magazines' EDDM Mail can help you build new clientele with our effective, high impact marketing campaigns. With our highly competitive rates, Values Magazines will help connect you with an almost unlimited number of potential customers, making every door direct mail (EDDM) work for your business!

Deliver your message for pennies on the dollar – QUESTIONS?

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