Why You Should Be Using Direct Mail Marketing

With businesses having to maintain their budgets, and keeping focused on having the financial results filter in, marketers are having cause to pay more attention to what and how their money is being spent. There are many different avenues in which a business could go about getting their name out to the public, but one medium that you may not have considered, is Direct Mail Marketing.
Part of an integrated marketing platform, Direct Mail Marketing has proven capable of driving customer traffic to interact with your business, and increase chance of sales. Having the bonus of being extremely cost effective, your business ROI will show to be in the positives as well as in most cases, a business will start to see the numbers go up the longer you participate, month after month, staying in the fore-front of your customers minds.
Take some time to look at the benefits that Direct Mail Marketing can provide to your business, without emptying your banks

Cost Effective

Have Postcards designed in an appealing & colorful aesthetic, and have thousands of copies printed affordably in bulk, and then mailed out by the post office, with agreements made in advance, to help save you money

Postcards Are Physical

Opposing campaigns of email marketing, direct mail marketing is physical. That means when your customers look in their mail, they will have an almost guaranteed chance to see your mailer. Having an object in your hand allows a more coherent appreciation for what you are looking at.

The Medium is Familiar to People

The postal service is one of the oldest public-services that is in most developed countries. With the general public skeptical about email messages or other newer models of marketing media, people remain receptive to direct mail, because they have become accustom to it over their life.
Direct mail has a proven track record. Because this technique has been so widely used for a long time, much data exists to demonstrate its effectiveness. Direct mail campaigns offer reliable returns with negligible cost.

Mail is a Crucial Part of the Multi-channel Experience

If you are already doing marketing in some form or fashion, it is always a smart idea to follow-up to support those other mediums. Studies have shown that brand recall is 40% higher if you follow an email with a direct mail response. Response rates also have a 26% higher chance if you follow a digital display ad, with a direct mail response.

Direct Mail Can Build Brand Trust

Due to the saturation of online advertising, such as spam and misleading advertising that leads to “unsafe sites”, consumers tend to trust a physical document like a print ad to be more credible. This can help build brand trust with consumers when they receive something in the mail from you, and would give them cause to be more likely to trust an online advertisement you put out.